The "LiFi by Lucibel" solution



Far beyond light, the LED light source offers new opportunities.

Having already revolutionized lighting, the LED is entering a new era: communication through light



LUCIBEL introduces the world's first industrialized LiFi luminaire that enables Internet access through light.




LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a communication technology through modulated LED light that enables data exchange between a specific LED lighting fixture and a computer, making Internet access possible.


The performance of this bidirectional broadband connection has been multiplied by 4 since the installation of a Lucibel prototype in June 2015. The reception of data transmitted by the lighting fixture is done via a LiFi USB key whose size has been divided by 5 since the initial prototype installation.


Communication technology through light has existed for several years, however only in low speed unidirectional uses (VLC, Visible Light Communication) which enables the deployment of indoor geolocation, with applications in sectors such as retail and tourism.





By positioning itself as a complementary technology to Wifi, this smart and connected light is taking on a new dimension thanks to Lucibel.




The "LiFi by Lucibel" solution, what advantages?


An alternative to radio waves (WiFi) increasingly prohibited

Compliance environments where electromagnetic compatibility standards are critical.

An alternative to WiFi for electro-sensitive people.

The priority targets: health and welfare (hospitals, clinics, health centers ...), health protection and Industry (nurseries, schools, nuclear power plants ...)



Highly secure data

Connectivity is available only within the light cone, creating a privacy zone information.

The priority target: banks, R & D centers, corporate headquarters, Defense, private security



Creation of guaranteed connectivity areas

Unlike WiFi where the homogeneity of the network and thus the connection quality is relative to distance, Lifi can create guaranteed connectivity areas within a space based on a ubiquitous lighting.

The priority targets: hotels, coworking space, incubators, airports, conference facilities...




Big names have already been seduced


Nexity, first integrated player on the real estate market in France (housing, offices, managed residences, hotels, shop…), is the first end user of the industrialized LiFi luminaire. Microsoft is also implementing the LiFi solution at its innovation center in Issy-les-Moulineaux in order to share with its clients the opportunities offered by the technology. Sogeprom, major property developer subsidiary of Société Générale Group, was the first user to test the LiFi high bandwidth in its parisian premises by installing the first Lucibel prototype.





The "LiFi by Lucibel" solution, how does it work?


A RJ45 wire is connected to the lighting fixture which then becomes a head end, and a LiFi key is connected to the computer USB port.




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